Over the past several weeks, I’ve been slowly putting together a network of websites, all of which start with “rswfire” and occupy a different top-level domain; this one is the .info site and its purpose is to largely share updates on all of the other sites. You can reach any of them from the menu at the very top of every page. It might seem overwhelming at first, but as things take shape, I think you’ll find it quite natural and easy to navigate.

In general, I suspect each visitor will only be interested in one or two of the websites, depending on what brings them here in the first place. For example, the .com and .org sites will largely focus on my #SpreadJournalism project, which was a big part of why I undertook this project. The .blog site will contain all of my writings, including the many threads I have written on Twitter over the past eight months.

I also have big plans for the .net and .wiki sites that I think many people will find of interest. Those sites will also have a big journalism component to them, and much of their data will be supplied by the efforts of the .com and .org sites, but now I’m getting ahead of myself. Suffice to say, I have some ambitious ideas I’m starting to pursue and I look forward to sharing more of those details in the near future as it makes sense to do so.

The sites I didn’t mention (.cloud, .io, .vip, .xyz) have some specialty purposes and won’t be developed right away, but they too have a planned use as time permits. Right now, I’m focused on the .com and .org sites so I can continue the #SpreadJournalism project and I will have some updates on that very soon, as early as tonight or perhaps tomorrow. The good news is that we’ll be up and running again before next week. I’m really excited about that.